On completion of your order and confirmation to us that you wish to proceed, your design will be developed within one week (unless advised from bridal consultant that there is a backlog);

Your initial deposit payment is £100 design fee which is payable on ordering. Once you have received designs and you have approved them, you will then be required to pay £400 deposit fee.

Your wedding dress cannot be ordered any-time and you should think about creating your gown at least 6 months before your wedding.

Your dress will need to be paid for in full at this point in time.

Once your dress has been made up, we will contact you and arrange an appointment for you to visit our boutique to pay off the remaining £500 (either online or in person) and also for the fitting. Please remember 90% of the time the gowns are perfect straight away and there are no alterations to be done, others need small adjustments. Sometimes our turnaround times may change depending on backlogs and may be subject to change at any time.

Brides visiting our boutique will have their dresses made to measure and hence fittings will be free. This includes adjusting the hemline, taking in and strap adjustments only. Further alterations will be charged. Online orders, fittings will be chargeable.


If you require any alterations done to your dress that is not on the original design this is chargeable and the cost will be bore by you. We offer each of our brides plenty of opportunity to tweak the design before the dress is actually made up.

Should you lose or gain weight after measurements have taken place, this again is a chargeable cost and will be bore by you the client. We can only make a dress to a size that we take the measurements for on that day and it is the responsibility of each bride to maintain not just their weight but their actual size. We have a lot of occurrences where brides actually gain weight but lose inches or even vice versa lose weight and gain inches, this is usually attributed to hormone balances, contraceptive pill changes or sport. We do however to endeavour to keep the costs down as far as possible for you in these cases and we are often a lot cheaper than a high street seamstress.

Pregnancy during our ordering process is a stressful and nerve racking time for all parties involved due to each party not knowing how the bride will grow. Although every effort will be made to keep the same design that was originally signed off sometimes design changes may need to be brought into play. We will ask for the seams to have extra allowance in order for the dress to have the capability to be taken out however, Deerhobbes will not bear the cost of this.


If during the design process and you then change your mind and cancel the design, you will lose your already paid deposit of £100. If you change your mind and cancel after you have agreed and paid the following £400, you will lose that paid deposit as well, as at this stage the creation of your dress will have started.

Once your dress has started to be made THERE ARE NO CANCELLATIONS – as work has started immediately on your dress. You must be 100% certain you are happy with the designs. Afterall, you have designed your own dress.

If we have started to make your dress and your wedding is put back or cancelled, unfortunately your dress still has to be bought as it has started to be made.

Refund & Exchange Policy

We currently operate a No Refund & Exchange policy – once you have ordered there is no option to refund or exchange. As your gown is made to your specifications and measurements it cannot be sold on to recoup costs.

All brides – by paying your deposit you are thereby adhering to these terms and conditions.

By paying your final invoice you are also acknowledging and accepting these terms and conditions.

It is your responsibility to read these terms and conditions before going ahead.